Biological Growth

All forms of biological growth, like mold, begin with abnormal amounts of moisture inside of homes or building. Water is the element that all organisms thrive on. Temperature can also play a role. In most circumstances mold will transition into a dormant state during cold weather. But since most homes are heated, there is no such thing as “winter” for mold. If anything, mold can be worse during winter months since heaters are turned up blasting, windows are closed and the same musty air keeps recirculating.


Because of this, the main factor that triggers mold growth is an excess of water. Many homeowners only notice water problems at the point they begin to create noticeable problems.

What they don’t notice is the point that their home turns into an ecosystem for bacteria, mold, mites, termites, fleas and various other organisms. There is a delay between the start of moisture problems and the begining of other, much more serious problems.

It’s not just important to monitor moisture levels in your home but to keep the home clean and sanitary. Dirt, food, dust, grass, leaves, skin cells, any organic materials that build up on surfaces can become food for a large and dangerous mold colony to grow.